ASEAN Pediatric Federation



The ASEAN Pediatric Federation (APF) is a pediatric association that was founded on August 3, 1976 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It consists of the national pediatric associations of the ASEAN countries – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The membership of APF has been expanded when the national pediatric societies of Vietnam and Myanmar were formally accepted as APF members in 2004 and the Cambodian Pediatric Association in 2007. According to the Constitution and By-Laws of APF  specifically Article 1, “this association is affiliated with the regional pediatric association called Asia Pacific Pediatric Association (APPA) formerly known as the Association of Pediatric Societies of the Southeast Asian Region (APPSEAR)”. The governing body of the APF consists of the Council of National Delegates which has to decide the general policies of the APF and the Executive Council Officers consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

In 1976, 5 pediatricians representing their respective national pediatric societies signed a joint declaration formally creating this unique regional group – Dr. W.A.F.J Tumbeleka from Indonesia, Dr. S.C.E. Abraham from Malaysia, Dr. Eustacia M. Rigor from the Philippines, Prof. Wong Wock Boon from Singapore and Prof. Prasong Tuchinda from Thailand made history by giving birth to what will be an organization at the forefront of child health care in this part of the world.


The aims of the APF are:

  • To foster the study and dissemination of all aspects of pediatric knowledge, particularly in the region of the ASEAN
  • To promote cooperation in scientific exchange among the member countries and establish closer personal and professional contacts among those interested and working in this field
  • To  organize  and  hold  an  ASEAN  Pediatric Federation Conference (APFC) at least every 3 years and to promote and support such other activities as may be deemed necessary for the realization of the above aims.  
The APF has been led by distinguished pediatricians from the ASEAN who have been catapulted as President of the ASEAN Pediatric Federation, namely:
W.A.F Tumbeleka    
 Prasong, Tuchinda, MD
 John Tay, MD
 Felicitas S. Aguila, MD
 Mohd Sham Kasim, MD
 M.Hardjono Adoerrachman, MD
 Choompol Vongprateer, MD
 Xerxes P. Navarro, MD
 Ool Boo Chye, MD
 W.A. Ariffin, MD
 Jose R.L. Batubara, MD
 Praputt Siripoonya, MD
 Estrella B. Paje-Villar, MD
 Daniel Goh Yam Thiam, MBBS

To further realize the aims of the association, the APF held conferences in conjunction with an important scientific meeting or convention of the host country. The following APF Conferences were held with their respective themes:

1st APF Conference
2nd APF Conference
3rd APF Conference
Focus on Pediatric Priorities
4th APF Conference
Trauma in Children
5th APF Conference
6th APF Conference
The Right of the Child and Better Future for ASEAN 
7th APF Conference
Future trends of Infectious Disease in ASEAN Countries and Update in General Pediatrics
8th APF Conference
Pediatric Care in ASEAN Countries: Towards the New Millennium
9th APF Conference
New Frontier in Child Health: An ASEAN Perspective
10th APF Conference
Childhood Infection: Beyond Y2K
11th APF Conference
Improving Adolescent Health for the Future of Human Resources
12th APF Conference
Impact of Child Care on Adult Diseases
13th APF Conference
Improving Child Survival: A Global Health Challenge
14th APF Conference
TIPS: Trends, Issues, Priorities in Paediatrics

The APF, through the initiative of Dr. Sukman Putra of the Indonesian Pediatric Society, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Abbott Laboratories in May 17, 2004   starting the APF Abbott Fellowship Program. It provided funding primarily for salary support, deemed reasonable for living allowance and round trip airfare, to 3 carefully selected applicants from APF member countries for a period of 6 months training in any  Pediatric  subspecialty.


The objectives of the program are:

  • To encourage the development and promotion of talented pediatricians from APF member country in the field of a certain  subspecialty  in  Pediatrics
  • To  give  an  opportunity  to  pediatricians   from APF  member country to obtain their knowledge and  experience  in   a   certain   subspecialty   in Pediatric and Child  Health  in  neighboring country
  • To strengthen friendship between colleagues under the Spirit of ASEAN

The program has already benefited young  graduates from Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia who had trained in Bangkok,  Hong Kong and Singapore respectively.  However, the continuation of the program is limited by the number of slots available for training in a chosen institution and primarily, the availability of funds.

The APF remains committed to raising the bar of excellence in the dissemination of pediatric knowledge, in the conduct of socially relevant pediatric researches and in the completion of community extension programs targeting the improvement of child survival in the region. With the collective support of all member pediatric societies, the achievement of this is not far from reach.

As the APF nears its 35th anniversary in 2011, it looks forward to almost four decades of concrete accomplishments that have hopefully improved the status and delivery of care extended to children in the ASEAN region. As countries influenced by almost a single beginning and sharing among many things the passion to care for the future of the world, the APF shall continue to be a formidable vanguard of child health and a strong voice of ASEAN children in the world.
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