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2014 ASEAN Pediatric Federation (APF)-Abbott Fellowship

Application is open to paediatricians from all countries of the Asean region.

Funded by Abbott Laboratories (Singapore) Private Limited, the scholarship is aimed at enhancing paediatric training and practice in the Asean region. The duration of training should be about 6 months and can be up to 12 months.

This Scholarship includes:

· Economy return airfare from home country to country of training via the most direct route for the recipient  


· Monthly stipend of up to USD$1000 per candidate per month.

· It would also cover the basic necessary fees required of the centre of training, such as: medical registration 

  fees, practicing fees, malpractice insurance as per institutional requirement.

· It will NOT COVER any tuition fees.

Eligibility criteria:

(i) Qualified paediatrician working in a country of the ASEAN region.

(ii) Area of study and suggested training centre in host country must be in line with the needs of the home  

    country. Candidate must show reasons and evidence of benefit of the scholarship and the area of study to 

    the home country.

(iii) Candidates should make contact with and have a provisional agreement of the host institution training centre

     BEFORE applying to the fellowship.

(Important note: candidate must get approval and confirmation of their attachment at the point of application).

All applicants are required to submit the following documents in their application:

(i) Curriculum Vitae

(ii) Endorsement letter from home National Paediatric Society.

    For affiliate member countries (Laos and Brunei) who do not have National Paediatric Societies, applicants 

    should go through either the Government/Ministry of Health, National Medical Society or a University to 

    endorse their application.

(iii) All applications are to be submitted before the end of May 2012. Incomplete applications will not be


Incomplete application will not be considered.

(iv) Successful applicants will be notified in June 2012.

 Please send your application to:

APF Secretariat             

Asean Peediatric Federation (APF)

c/o Department of Paediatrics  

Level 12, NUHS Tower Block  

1E Kent Ridge Road  

Singapore 119228 Fax: +65-6779 7486

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